What did Santa bring you?

Wow! Was your Christmas a blur like mine was? Since my husband (I’ll start calling him “J”) and I got married in October, this is our first Christmas together. In 24 hours we celebrated 3 different Christmases in 2 cities…boy are we tired! It was AWESOME spending time with our new families, but we are going to have to figure out a way to split the holidays in the coming years. I’ll start worrying about that in 11 months…ha! 🙂

So now the big question is what did Santa bring you? I’m hoping he treated you all really well – I’m sure you were all good girls and boys all year…or at least most of the time.

I got a really nice gift that I wanted to share on my blog because I think it is so practical and just plain cute! This gift came from my mom who has a great eye for really good finds. She is constantly finding really nice things for the seasons/holidays.

Drumroll please….here is one of my favorite gifts that I received this year!


It is a platter by Nora Fleming that my mom purchased from the cutest shop in Cincinnati called Anne Rice Limited. What is so cute about the platter is that the boot charm can be interchanged with other charms to update it for various holidays/occasions.


I can’t wait for a football party or a cookout to use these other charms. J looooves to grill so this platter would be perfect for kabobs or burgers.

I should have taken a picture of the wrapping, but of course was too eager to see what was in the box that I forgot too. Anne has fantastic gift wrapping…isn’t this bow just beautiful and cheerful? I love it!


And now…the finished product! I made a beer cheese dip from a mix J’s mom gave us for Christmas and served it with Granny Smith apples and baguette pieces. So yummy!

I have never seen these platters at parties or friends’ houses. Do you have any Nora Fleming pieces? If so, what are your favorite charms (is “charm” even the right word? Someone please correct me!)? I am dying to add some to my new collection!



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